"The problem is my nipples." "I can't find any White T-shirt suit for Party or Formal place. " Our research and development started from such a question. During that two-year process, We learned that The problem, white T had been produced as underwear. We need it to update. We need to make different things from underwear. We reviewed cotton, thickness, design, manufacturing method, all of them, Even in business scenes and formal places, I was able to make a white T that can be worn as a formal wear. 「因為乳頭會透,無法穿白T」 「該怎麼辦?」這樣的疑問開始了我們的研究開發。到達兩年的開發過程中發現,以往的白T在布材料以及縫紉方法也是由延伸內衣的製作方法來製作。我們設的目標為完全脫離內衣的觀念。棉、厚度、設計、製作方法等,全部重新檢討,成功製造出在商務以及正式場合也可以穿的白T。我們會提供給您最優質的「正裝白T」。不透的白T製作委員會全體。 We are proud to deliver our product to you. TEAM "Formal white T-Shirt".