Crew neck / 正裝白T
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Crew neck / 正裝白T

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* Late 7/2020 〜 Early 8/2020 scheduled shipping.

Crew neck type of formal white T-shirt. S / M / L / XL sizes are available.這是正裝白T的圓領。圓弧的領子部分表現出柔軟感, 在正裝裡帶來溫柔的印象。我們準備的大小分為:S/M/L/XL。 shirt length(S:62.5cm / M:64cm / L65.5cm / XL67cm) chest / bust length (S:47.5cm / M:49.5cm / L:51.5cm / XL:53.5cm) shoulder width (S:44cm / M:45.5cm / L:47cm / XL:48.5cm) sleeve length(S:18cm / M:19cm / L:20cm / XL:21cm) [Notes] 1. Size data shows average data for each size after shrinking in a home washing machine. 2.We do not accept returns with washing by yourself. 3. If you find a perfect fit before washing, we recommend that you purchase a larger product. 4. Shipping charges are not included in the item price. Please click the purchase button and check the total price including shipping before purchasing. 5. Because we use organic cotton that is hand-picked, black cotton patterns may occasionally be mixed in a part of the material. please note that. 6. Reservations cannot be canceled after the reservation sale period ends. Thank you for your understanding. 7. Formal white T shirt is a trademark of R Inc. [注意事項] 1.在本公司網站有記載使用家庭用洗衣機之後的各衣服大小的平均數據。主要是衣服寬度會縮小大約三公分左右,因此會變得比清洗衣服之前更貼身一些,此點敬請見諒。衣服寬度以外的長度、肩寬等部分不會有太大的縮小。 2.不接受去除標籤以及清洗過的衣服之退貨。 3.清洗衣服前若大小很合身,建議購買大一號的大小。 4.商品金額不包含運費。點擊購買按鈕後,請確認含運費的金額再購買。 5.正裝白T為株式會社R的商標。 6.因使用手摘的有機棉花,只有稀少一部分會有可能混入黑色棉花的紋路情況,煩請見諒。 7.預約販售期間結束後無法做取消訂單。煩請見諒。